Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Meet Joon: Air France’s New Hipster Millennial Sister

French airline Air France will soon launch a new sister airline, Joon, starting with medium-haul flights from Paris-Charles de Gaulle in September, while long-haul flights are penciled-in for flights next summer, in 2018.

However, at the moment, details are very sparse on what the new airline will offer. Their official release mentions that the airline is aimed at the young working clientele, their flight attendants will wear chic uniforms, and that they are NOT a budget-carrier.

What We Know About Joon – And What We Speculate

1.     It is targeted towards a young customer base, with the name Joon most probably taken from the word jeune, which means “young” in French. We’re not sure if those above 35 can book a seat, though, or if 6 is too young.

2.     It is not low-cost, offering products and services that mirror Air France. So you’re not only paying for a seat on the plane, you’re also paying for the branding marketing experience. You know, kinda like dUCk Scarves ;)

3.     The colour electric blue plays a large role in their branding – will the flight attendants be wearing jeans? And would these be available for purchase from the in-flight catalogue? Will there be an It designer involved? Is it Kanye?

What the female flight attendant uniform might look like at Joon.

What the male flight attendant uniform might look like at Joon.

4.     The press release mentions something about “lifestyles revolve around digital technology.” We expect exciting technology-stuff onboard!

This video from Air France's YouTube channel might give you more insight.... or not.  

Now everyone can fly, hipster-style!

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