Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Which Traveller Tribe Do You Belong To?

Amadeus, a company that provides tech solutions for the global travel industry, recently released a report on the different kinds of travellers and the reason they travel. Along with the report is also a fun quiz on what kind of traveller you are.
I took the quiz, and, like most quizzes I do, the result came up mixed (I'm a Sagittarian, we tend to be "un-classifiable"!).

So the result read: You are a unique mixture of different traveller tribes! I'm sure most travellers who travel for the love of it will get this result, though. However, the three classes with the most percentage for me were as Obligation Meeter, Social Capital Seeker and Cultural Purist.

Let's see which Traveller Tribe you come from. Take the quiz here:-

Let me know your "traveller origins" in the comments!

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