Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Why It's Not A Bad Idea To Buy Art From IKEA

Before you turn your nose up at these mass produced wall hangings found in 392 stores across 48 countries, you might want to know that these home decors actually started life as an actual work of art. Here are 6 reasons why you should get your art at IKEA.

(Also, this post is NOT sponsored by IKEA. Hahahaha we wish!)

#1 As Mentioned, These Are Actual Works Of Art!
You may think that those art prints sold at IKEA look generic and trendy-ish and are probably generated by a computer (or an underpaid, robotic, in-house graphic designer), but you should know that the original artwork was created by actual artists creating their best masterpieces without even imagining that one day their work will end up on sale at 392 stores (latest number of IKEA locations as of December 2016) around the world!

Take this set of 3 posters for example. The images are by 3am, Cass Loh and Liam Stevens. Malaysian illustrators and graphic designers would be delighted to know that Cass is one of their own! A Malaysian illustrator who works as a senior graphic designer at a prestigious award-winning magazine by day, Cass puts her heart into her illustrations and this can be seen from the 33 Awards she has won thus far at Minted, the design marketplace that curates great designs from designers and illustrators and turns them into products. In fact, the people at Minted love her designs so much, they actually commissioned her to produce a set of illustrations of baby animal versions of the Chinese zodiac. Awwww!

Not animals of the Chinese zodiac, but how cute?!

Apparently, an IKEA scout found Cass's designs on Minted and liked one of them so much, she drew up a contract for Cass to get a commission for every print of her illustration sold at IKEA. One year later, you can now find Cass's artwork at your friendly neighbourhood Swedish furniture superstore.

So, it pays to know that you ARE buying real art when you buy from IKEA. It just so happens that maybe a few thousand or million people around the world have the same great taste you do! 

#2 They Are Value For Money
Now that we have established that artworks sold at IKEA are real art, how good does it feel that you can decorate your crib like an art museum, on a shoestring budget?

Even better, because a lot of IKEA artwork are sold in bundles, you can get 2, 3 or 4 artworks for the price of one.

Tvilling Set of 2 Posters by Kyle Naylore, Dear Prudence, RM19.90

#3 Room Decor Done With One Set - Save Time!
Most of the time, posters or paintings that come together in a bundle match each other. This means less hair-pulling when it comes to curating art pieces for the wall. Also, because art from IKEA will most likely match furniture from IKEA, you can design your room with your eyes closed!

#4 Buy 1 Set, Decorate A Few Rooms
You don't have to use them all together just because they came together. Mix and match with other sets or hang them on their own to fit different themes around your house.

#5 Seasonal-Friendly
Because they are so cheap, you can afford to buy new ones every few months when seasons and celebrations change in Malaysia!

#6 They Are The Best Starter Art As You Grow Your Own Art Museum!

So what do you think about buying art from IKEA now? Yay or nay?

(All photos from IKEA, Cass Loh and Minted.com and are copyright to them)

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