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Staycation In The City At Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

For the third year in a row, we were back at Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the birthday of the daddy of the family. Yes, we've been here two times before - the first time was to review the new Club Suite for work, while the next two times we actually paid for ourselves - that's how much we love coming here!
Also, because we're a member of the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) club, we could collect points that will contribute to us earning free hotel stays in the future!

And this time, as an SPG member, we got a great deal through their newsletter promo. Their "Family Holiday" promo included two adjoining rooms, buffet breakfast AND buffet dinner for two adults and two children. You know what this means: No need to fight for bathroom time with the kids!

Our spacious room

The kids' adjoining spacious room. They even set up an extra cot because we specified three kids when booking!
Love love love!

Welcome treats from the hotel: Cookies and chocolate cigars!

I wouldn't mind my tiny bathroom at home so much if it was as nice as this!

Raise your hands if you love the high-end toiletries at luxury hotels!

The best part? Late checkout at 5 pm! That meant we could play in the pool for muuucchh longer after breakfast! No need to rush to check out at 12pm. The price: it was like getting two rooms when you only paid for one. Will share the price breakdown below.

So why do we love this place so much? Well one of the reasons is the pools and slide. Although they have only one slide here - unlike the newer or more recently renovated hotels that practically have a mini water park for their pools - it is tall and  long and winding enough to provide just the right amount of fun. Just ask the grown men also enjoying the slide, lining up in between the excited kids 😏  The one long slide is enough for the kids, while mummy can sit in just one spot and still see what they're up to. No need to chase the kids all over the pool - now that's a vacation!

Vast baby pool on the Le Meriden side. Also great for when you just want a dip in the cold water under the hot sun, instead of a swim.

Love the waterfall feature on one side of the pool. Gives it a bit of that resort touch.

Another side of the pool, where there's more peace and quite for the adults (when my kids aren't there). That big float is loaned by Le Meridien, by the way. Great touch for guests!

The view from yet another side. There really are many sides of the pool for different kinds of pool users.

The money shot of the pool. LOL!

The slide - popular with both kids and adults.

The Le Meridien pool lounge - can you see yourself just sitting here with a drink and a book?

Technically, the slide seems to belong to the Hilton Hotel side of the pool - Le Meridien KL and Hilton Kuala Lumpur share the same building and the common pool area - but the baby pool (and the more quite and peaceful poolside) is located on the Le Meridien side. So it's a win-win situation for both hotels to share their resources for more pool space for all guests.

Ok, let's see what's for dinner after building up an appetite at the pool.

Oysters! Always go for the most expensive stuff when buffet dinner is included in the package!

 All kinds of kerabu (Malay salads) - a nice local touch.

 Latest Recipe at Le Meridien, where we had our buffet dinner as well as buffet breakfast the next day.


Healthful fruit-infused water at dinner.

At the Indian food station.

Fried rice and condiments such as sambal and curry.

Just some of the desserts. How thoughtful of them to pack the cookies in individual wrappers so that we could bring back in our bags they would stay fresh! hehehe

Meanwhile, at breakfast the next day, we almost regretted eating too much the night before as we were still kinda full in the morning.... almost! We've always loved the buffet breakfast at Le Meridien with its varied selection of food that it just wouldn't be right to not eat all of our favourites!

The usual suspects at breakfast.

Breakfast dimsum FTW!

Was already quite full but just had to try the curry noodles - it looked so good! And yes, it tasted good, too.

When you can choose as many prawns and crab meat for your curry noodles and skip the yucky vegetables! Hahahahaha!

So cool how they packaged the salad dressings!

Can you keep a secret? I always go around all the various stations at breakfast, gathering bread, meat, cheese and salad leaves and dressing, construct a huge sub... and quickly wrap it in a napkin to be smuggled back to the room! Don't you just hate it when the kids are ravenous after a swim at the pool but there's nothing to eat back at the hotel room?

Sub of the day hehehe

So there's the food, and the pool, and the spacious rooms. Now, another reason why we love staying at Le Meridien is its location! As it's right across the street from the main transportation hub in Kuala Lumpur, which is KL Sentral Station, it's easy to go anywhere in KL, or even to the airport, from here. Except that you might not need to go anywhere if all you have in mind is some casual shopping, food and/or catching a movie as the station is right next to the shopping mall, NU Sentral. And if you have too much money on hand (since you saved a lot with the Family Holiday package), grab a train to KLCC shopping centre for some high-end fashion accessories!

From KL Sentral, make your way towards Starbucks, where you'll find a lift that will take you here.

View from the inside, if you're going to KL Sentral from the hotels.

So, how much did it cost us for a weekend of fun, food and awesome family time with the girls at this top-notch 5-star Starwood Group hotel? Here's the bill.

Two rooms for the price of one, with dinner and breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Some may find this pricey, others might think it dirt-cheap (well, cheaper than expected, at least). For us, it was money well-spent as a great way to spend hubby's birthday while taking some time off from thinking about work as well as house chores for one weekend.

The husband chatted with a staff of the hotel and found out that the hotel regularly offers this Family Holiday deal. So, you might want to register as a Starwood Preferred Guest or sign up for their newsletter to stay notified of upcoming offers.

Check out the Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur Family Holiday package here.



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